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John Urho Kemp (1942-2010), known to some as Crystal John, sought revelations through meditation, metaphysics, formulas, and numbers all inspired by many of his life experiences. Much of his work was refined and compiled into compact documents that were then photocopied and leafleted as a means of sharing his findings with as many people as he could.

The web archive is part of an ongoing project to make Kemp's work publicly available and currently only shows a fraction of what he created in his lifetime. If you would like a print of any of this work, I would be happy to send one to you. I will email you a .jpeg of anything for free, and could also mail high quality inkjet prints of this work in sizes ranging from 5x7 inches to 17x22 inches. A donation would be appreciated on any inkjet prints I send your way to cover shipping/printing costs. A 150 page 6x9 inch book is also available with selections from this archive at the following link: John Urho Kemp Archive Book